Rhetoric Class of 1961

SJC Sign

2nd High Class Pic

2nd Hi Pyramid on Mission Day '57ish

8th Grade Visit to St. Joe's.
 John Collins_ Ed Voorhees

Courtyard at Vespers

Choir - Fr. Olivier

Bus ride home


Bob Carroll

Bill Finnigan at work

Mike Kenny, Guy Morley, and ??

Barn (our basketball gym)

Fight Night '55 or '56


In the Barn


Basketball, the new gym

Basketball, old school court

Bill O'Brien, Shotput, 1956

Bill O'Brien - Mower

The Block Club


The Discus

Eddie Voorhees, Paul Feyen - 1956

Fight Night, Feb. 1956

Fight Night, 1956

First Day at St. Joe's

The Gamblers

Next Last

Saint Joseph's College

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