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Welcome to our web site for the Saint Joseph's College Alumni Association. I am sure that you will enjoy the many photographs and articles that have been placed on our site. This work is ongoing and many more additions are planned. So bookmark our home page for your future use. If you have any old school photographs, newsletters, or other memorabilia, please send us a note. Include your e-mail address and phone number. In addition, please send us your comments and suggestions - we would like to hear from you.
Tom Dillon, H'67
Saint Joseph's College Alumni Association

Sitting comfortably in the front left chair, and in plain view of, our Alumni Board, Tom Dillon is installed as our new president. And in the right chair, our previous President Jack Sutcliffe passes the gavel to Tom.

Surrounding Tom and Jack as the gavel is passed, is our Alumni Board. (From left to right:) Andy McClure, Daniel Collins, John Brennan, Frank Brady, Rev. Joe Gordon, Mark Wandro Pat Cloherty, Don Carroll, Jim Harvey, Mike Sheehan
Missing from this picture are: Dennis McQuaid, Dennis Ducey, Bob Gorman, Tim Goode, and Chuck Smith. (who is clicking the camera)

New board president Jack Sutcliffe (left) receiving the gavel from the previous President, Kevin Connolly (right).

The Alumni Board surrounds Jack and Kevin as the gavel is passed. (From left to right:) Dennis Ducey, Bob Gorman, Frank Brady, Donald C. Carroll, John Brennan, Daniel Collins, Rev. Joe Gordon, Tim Goode, and Chuck Smith.

Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy is not in the above picture because he was clicking the camera. Since Jim attends every one of our Alumni Board meetings, keeps the notes, schedules, etc., etc., etc., He needs to be pictured on this page.

Three years ago, we witnessed this previous scene.....

New board president Kevin Connolly (right) receiving the gavel from Frank Brady (left).

The Alumni Board smiles in approval as the gavel is passed.

Your Alumni Board

President: Kevin Connolly R'59
Vice President: Chuck Smith R'60
Treasurer: Pat Cloherty R'64

Frank Brady, R'54
Brian Cahill, R60
Donald C. Carroll, R58 (Emeritus),
Donald A. Casella, R55
Patrick F. Cloherty, R64 (Emeritus),
Daniel Collins, R54
Kevin Connolly, R59
Thomas Dillon, H67
Loren Dwyer, R53
Ed George, R52
Timothy Goode, R55
Rev. Joseph A. Gordon, R65
Robert S. Gorman R52 (Emeritus)
James Hansen, R68
Walter Harrington, R51 (Emeritus)
Andrew McClure, R64
J. Dennis McQuaid, R59 (Emeritus)
Philip E. Murphy, H73
Charles P. Smith, R60, School web site

President/Rector James L. McKearney, S.S., Ex Officio Member
Jim Murphy, R64, Board coordinator and Administrator

Previous "gavel" pictures

Gavel-Bob to Frank_3277.jpg
12/4/2008, Incoming board president Frank Brady (left) receiving the gavel from Bob Gorman (right)

Bob Gorman R'52, outgoing President Emeritus
      "We honor the past,
            we celebrate the present,
                  we plan for the future, .....together!!!"

12/2/2004, Incoming board president Bob Gorman (right) receiving the gavel from Phil Murphy (left)

9/26/2002, Incoming board president Phil Murphy (left) receiving the gavel from Pat Cloherty (right)

Photo Credits: Chuck Smith, R'60