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In Memoriam title

We remember....
The Faculty (Our Teachers):

Father John Canfield, SS (1915-1993), (Click here)

Father Charles P.Dillon, SS (1914-2003) (Click here)

Father Charles P.Dillon, A Remembrance by Bruce Atkinson, R'1952 (Click here)

Most Rev. Joseph A. Ferrario (1926-2003), (Click here)

Fr. Daniel Fives, S.S. (1905-1990), (Click here)
Taught at St. Joseph's from 1942 to 1953

Father Bob Giguere, SS (1917-2003), (Click here)

Father Eugene Konkel, SS (1931-2012),
To see the memorial page published in The Patrician, Winter 2012, (Click here);
To read the Archdiocese of San Francisco announcement, (Click here).
Father Gene also hosted a Day of Recollection in 2009 for us former seminarians, (Click here).
To read our local newspaper's announcement (Click here);

Father Edward Krumpelmann, Maryknoll (1909-1975), (Click here)

Father Joseph C. Martin, SS (1924-2009), (Click here) for The Washington Post, or
(Click here) for The New York Times article.

Father Frank Norris, S.S. (1925-2000), (Click here)

Father John Olivier, S.S. (1920-2013), (Click here) to see
     the announcement from the Sulpician Provincial House.
To read the obituary written by Rev. Richard Gula, S.S. (Click here)
The homily by Father Cale Crowley, S.S. given at Fr. Olivier's
     Memorial Mass: (Click here)
Father Gerald Coleman, S.S. wrote this tribute for
     "The Valley Catholic," San Jose Diocese: (Click here)
The Valley Catholic published this announcement: (Click here)
St. Patrick's Seminary and University published this tribute page in the Fall 2013 issue of The Patrician Magazine, on page 26: (Click here)
To read a collection of SemNet remembrances that were written
     from February 2011 and Feb. 2013, (Click here)

Father Maurice O’Neil, S.S. (1931-1999), (Click here)
This memorial page contains: Fr. O'Neil's obituary, and also the Homily delivered at his funeral by Fr. Leo Wiley.

Father John Anthony Ward, S.S. (1914-2009), (Click here)

Father Royal Bertram Webster, S.S. (1879-1962), (Click here)

We Remember....
Former Students (Our Friends):

Father William Ahlbach, R'1956 (1937-2013) (Click here)

Father Mark Catalana, C'1986 (1963-2013) (Click here)

John Conneely, R'63 (1943-2009) (Click here)

George Doub, R'60 (1940-2010) (Click here) to see the published obituary. Then (Click here) to see the program that George's family created for his memorial celebration.

Charles Dowd, R'64 (1944-2012) (Click here)

Loren Dwyer, R'53 (1933-2013) (Click here); Then, to see the program for his memorial Mass, (Click here).

Bill Finnegan, R'61 (1941-2010) (Click here) to see a tribute to Bill. Then (Click here) to see the program for his memorial Mass.

Walter Harrington, R'51 (1932-2014) (Click here); to read Walt's obituary. To view the program for his Mass of Christian Burial (Click here).
Walt was one of the driving forces behind the construction of the Grotto at Saint Joseph's Seminary. He wrote this article which was published in 1952 in "The Patrician" magazine. On The Banks Of The Permanente The story of the Seminary Grotto. by Walter Harrington, R'51
To see Walt's map of our grotto Click here. This Grotto has been enjoyed by several generations of Students and their families.

Michael Joseph "Joe" Hester, R'59 (1932-2012) (Click here)

James Heyburn, R'66 (1946-2014) (Click here)

Rev. Jerry Kennedy, R'60 (1940-2013),
(Click here) to see a pair of obituaries. A Eulogy by classmate and friend Brian Cahill is also available (Click here). The homily for Father Jerry by Father Padraig Greene is here: (Click here).
To see a tribute in pictures from a seminary classmate (Click here).
When Father Jerry retired, an excellent 3 page article was written by Carrie McClish and published in "The Catholic Voice" (Click here)

Most Rev. Michael H. Kenny, R'57 (1937-1995), (Click here)
     ...and also (secondly) (Click here)

Don Kohles, R'52 (1932-2010) (Click here) to see a tribute to Don, reprinted from his Memorial Mass. Then (Click here) to view the celebration liturgy for Don. And next, (Click here) to see a great picture of Don and Barbara enjoying the Alumni Day dinner in 2008.

John Leipelt, R'58 (1937-2010) (Click here)

Rev. Monsignor William Lenane, R'44 (1925-2012) (Click here)

John McAuliffe, R'54 (1931-2004) (Click here)

Jim McEntee, R'51 (1931-2004) (Click here) Contains two tributes to Jim. Jim's family also posted a "Happy Birthday" message on 4/9/2013. (Click here)

Rev. Monsignor Leo Ephraim McFadden, R'48 (1928 -2013)
This special tribute written by Tom McMahon, R'1948, (Click here)
To see Father Leo's obituary, (Click here)

Rev. Edward Murray, R'56 (1935-2012) (Click here)

Kevin Ryan, R'53 (1932-2010) (Click here)

Rev. Lawrence Ryan, R'1936 (1916-2012) (Click here)

Virginia Sullivan, (1916-2008) (Click here)

Rev. Jerald F. Thomas, R'50 (1926-2013) (Click here)

Rev. William Worner, R'40 (1921-2010) (Click here)

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Thank you!
Chuck Smith, R'60