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Day of Recollection - History

Our annual Day of Recollection began in 1998 and has become a popular event for us ex-seminarians. Each year a facilitator is carefully chosen and, thanks to these leaders, we have experienced a variety of relevant topics, some very interesting agendas, and lively discussions. Here is a list of our facilitators:

Reverend Jerry Brown, R’58, S.S on 2/21/1998 Theme: Questions for the Disciples from the Gospel of John -- Prayer in My Life

Reverend Jerry Brown, R’58, S.S, and Larry Percell, Ph.D (now Rev.) on 2/20/1999Theme: Forgiveness

Rev. Robert Gavin, S.S. on 2/26/2000 Theme: The Holy Longing: A Spirituality for Today

Bishop John Wester, C'72, on 3/24/2001 Theme: The Face of Christ: A Lenten Reflection

Rev. Tom Allender, S.J., R’59, on 1/5/2002 Theme: God Loves an Unmade Bed: Spirituality for the Imperfect

Rev. Joe Healy, 3/8/2003 Theme: Identifying a mature spirituality (Click here to see more detail)

Rev. Dan Danielson, R’57, 2/7/2004 Theme: Letting the Lord speak to our hearts

Brian T. Joyce, R’57, 2/5/2005 Remembering Well...Finding Hope...Celebrating Forgiveness

Rev. Msgr. J. Warren Holleran, R'47, on 2/4/2006 Theme: Prayer in Faith and Love

Rev. Robert J. Silva, R'59, on 2/3/2007 Theme: Is what I am doing life-giving? The Stations of the Cross as a Paradigm of Life

Reverend Jerry Brown, R’58, S.S on 2/9/2008 Theme: Living the Beatitudes

Rev. Eugene J. Konkel, S.S on 2/7/2009 Theme: Thanksgiving

Rev. Dan Danielson, R’57, 2/27/2010 Theme: Recollections and Perspectives

Rev. Tom O'Neill, S.J. 2/5/2011 Theme: An Artist's Perspective from the Incarnation to the Resurrection

Rev. George Crespin, R'56, 2/11/2012 Theme: 50 years a priest - 50 years since Vatican II - 50 years of growth... Where are we now???

Most Rev. Bob McElroy, H'72, 2/23/2013 Theme: Vatican II: The Great Grace of the Twentieth Century.

Most Rev. Richard Garcia, R'67, 2/22/2014 Theme: The Four Pillars Revisited: Spiritual Life, Community Life, Intellectual Life, Apostolic Life. Bishop Garcia's 2 page outline is attached: (click here) - Outline. To read a summary of our day and to see a small collection of photographs, (click here) - Pictures.