St. Patrick Seminary
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Alumni Of The Year

Each year since 2000, the Alumni Board has selected one, and sometimes two, alumni who are recognized as our "Alumni Of The Year." These people are then introduced and honored at our annual Alumni Day in April. Here is a list of the winners. Also, shown below, is a plaque that commemorates these special people. This plaque is located outside the entryway doors to the chapel at St. Patrick's Seminary.

2000      Most Rev. Michael H. Kenny, R'57

2001      Most Rev. Mark J. Hurley, R'39
              Most Rev. Francis T. Hurley, R'45

2002      Vincent J. Briare, R'48

2003      John J. Kelly, R'42

2004      Rev. William J. OíDonnell, R'50
              Lawrence P. Purcell, R'64

2005      Msgr. Eugene J. Boyle, R'41
              James P. McEntee, R'51

2006      Most Rev. Francis A. Quinn, R'41
              Dudley Conneely, R'64

2007      Most Rev. John S. Cummins, R'47

2008      Walter J. Harrington, R'51
              Rev. William C. Leininger, R'50

2009      Rev. Brian T. Joyce, R'57
              Rev. Larry Goode, R'58

2010      Msgr. Jack Brenkle, R'52
              Dennis O'Brien, R'61

2011      Kevin Ryan, R'53
              Rev. John J. Cloherty, R'54

2012      Msgr. Michael J. Winterer, Rí61
              Rev. George Crespin, Rí56

2013      Msgr. James OíMalley, Rí39
              Bill Cane, Rí55

2014      Rev. Jack Isaacs, Rí64
              Rev. Jack OíNeill, Rí61

2015      Rev. Tony McGuire, Rí59
              Gilbert Loescher, Rí65

2016      Rev. Thomas Seagrave, Rí62
              Msgr. J. Warren Holleran, Rí47

2017      James P. Murphy, Rí64

2018      Rev. Mateo Sheedy
              James Kennedy, Rí54

2019      Bishop Richard Garcia, Cí69
              Brian F. Cahill, R60

2020      Rev. Gerald D. Coleman, Rí62
              J. Dennis McQuaid, Rí59